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The expositions on Shri Madhwa vijaya are by Smt Seetha Shastri Soori . My prostrations to Guru Shri Bannanje Govindacharya .


About Smt Seetha Shastri Soori

Vidyavaridhi Dr Seetha Shastri Soori M.A , Phd obtained P.hd for her thesis in Dashopanishads. Later she was awarded Vidyavaridhi for her thesis in Bhagavatham as a comparitive study with Upanishads by Rashtriya Sanskrita Samstan,Tirupathi.
She is the wife of Dr Ramakrishna Shastri Soori and daughter in law of the great scholar Nyayakesari Vidwan Ramachandra Shastri Soori, winner of President's award.She is the daughter of Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa Dasaru( Venkata Purushottama Rao) and the neice of Shri B.N.K.Sharma a well known author on Madhwa Philosophy.
She has studied indepth with Shri Bheem Bhattaru, Shri Bannanje Govindacharya, Shri D.Prahladachar and has the special grace of previous pontiff of Sode Vadiraja mutt-Shri Vishwottama theertha swamji. She studied Nyaya shastra under Shri Suvidyendra theertharu, Prof Lakshmitatacharyaru and Prof Sheshadri Iyengar too.
Most of all she is very soft spoken and humble jnaani. She is willing teacher. We offer our sincere thanks and prostrations at her feet for taking us in this discovery of the jewels of Mukyaprana's leelas and gunas through the Mahakaavya ,"Shri Madhwa Vijaya"

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Ratnamala- the ratnas which are gunas of Shri Mukyaprana in his three avataras.

Giving special focus on the third avatara which is Shri Madhwaacharya

It is composed by Shri Narayana Panditacharya , the son of Shri Trivikrima Panditacharya a stalwart scholar,poet and a person of keen intellect.He was a direct disciple of Shri Madhwaacharya.His son having lived in the same time as Shri Madhwaacharya and his immediate disciples has composed this Mahakaavya documenting the great episodes of mystic leelas as well as the life and teachings of Madhwa in a very authentic manner.

This is an attempt to study this text in detail with the help of my gurugalu Smt Seetha Shastri Soori . The audio's are expositions of verses followed by my anuvaadas on the same as well as some written notes whereever necessary.


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