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A little about the composition of this work

There was brahmin by name Lakshminatha who was born deaf and dumb. But he was very attached to Shri Vadirajaru and used to reside with him at Sode serving him in the ways that he could. Shri Vadiraja swamigalu also showed compassion to him and had allowed him to reside at the mutt along with his family. He was sent to Udupi by Shri Vadirajaru . During his absence Vadirajaru decided to enter the brindavana and did so. Upon his return which was quite a number of days later as the travel time was quite long during those times, Lakshminatha was totally devasted to see his beloved gurugalu gone and know that he had entered brindavana alive. He spent a lot of time at the brindavana offering seva for long hours and led a life of austerity and penance. 

The yatis who were then the peeTadhipatis of Sode mutt were Vedavedhya theertharu and Vedanidhi theertharu. 

One night Shri Vadirajaru appeared in Lakshminatha's dream and told him that he would be giving upadesha to him in the dream itself and he should  recite the same in front of the yatis the next morning.

Lakshminatha who was deaf and dumb approached the two yatis the next day as they sat after their daily puja rituals. He started reciting the shlokas which Shri Vadirajaru had told him during the night. Everyone were totally surprised that he was speaking aloud. The swamiji immediately asked one scholar by name Shri Ramachandra achar to write down everything. As per their instruction he started writing it on the palm leaf. Everyday this became a ritual. I/t went on for 22 days and each day there were around 100 shlokas. 

A point to note is that after the recitation,Lakshminatha used to return to his mute state. 

The text was then placed with other palm leaf texts in Sode and was mostly forgotten. Around 400 years later as predicted in that text itself , Lakshminatha was reborn in a village called Khumbaasi to a pious brahmin and was named Shrinivasa. He was giving sanyasa by the then junior swamiji of Sode mutt by name Vishvesha theertha at the age of 8. He was given the name ,Vishwapriya theertha. He also was strangely attached to Sode and the brindavana and would be content to be there, study, contemplate and serve Gururajaru. 

One of the days as per the advise of his guru and parama guru, he was going through the palm leaf manuscripts at Sode and found this text. He was mesmerised by it and could not stop reading it and rereading it again and again.

One day as he was prostrating before Gururajaru, he received a shower of mantrakshate and also a strong inspiration in his mind that he should start propagating the text. So he started his travels and approached A village in Tirupanattur in Kerala and started preaching it to a group of Madhwa families there. He resided there for almost an year and then continued to go on preaching. The time period for this is around early 1800's maybe 1820 or so. This text came to light and many people started doing parayana of the word and obtaining huge benefits in the form of fulfillment of their earnest desires and removal of fears and worries.

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